You Are What You Think You Are Part IX (ft. $alah)

from by Sore Wigg

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sore wigg ft. $alah


gmo corn in my apple juice,
every verse papoose tryna battle you,
and you ain't gonna get far,
cause they chemtrail the sky give you sars,
ebola virus hoax,
see this shit on my tv is all a joke,
manipulate the mind frame,
make you think what their talking about is right in the first place,
like who said i care?
got some ideals but what they show me is never near,
not even close, distant,
like the sunset, on a flat earth,
never going bankrupt cause i got mad worth,
self worth, so i'm thankful,
there's some people in the world that just can't work,
and it won't work between us, that hurts,

you are what you think you are,
you should prolly do what you think you should,
if ya thinkin good,
if you ain't thinkin' right,
i suggest you go and try to fix that shit tonight,

$alah freestyled his verse


from YKK, released August 28, 2015




Sore Wigg

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