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im just tryina, be quiet,
catch me, in a real riot,
ain`t nobody, flying higher,
than what`s a above,
what`s above, i don`t know,
ask questions though,
if you stressin though,
better get some medical attention,
not nesseccary, to be
doctors or the clinic,,
sometimes you need to sit,
and observe what be within,
it be with us, we be with it,
n everything is everything,
doesn`t matter how you feel,
when you know what i just mean,

when you know just what i mean,
it should prolly feel the same,
nothing changes cause it`s looped,
and this saturn shit;s deranged,
they believe in saturn, i beleive in god,
they want material, i`m far beyond,
i comprehend, you think i`m lost,
i can`t pretend, that i`m the boss,
so i don`t.. and i don`t even try,
see these goyim eatin lies and i have to cry,
it hard just to be another passerby,
and not pass by and just speak my mind,


from YKK, released August 28, 2015




Sore Wigg

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