Pokémon Shit

from by Sore Wigg

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this that.. when i ride on my enemies.
empty 3 mp3s out for the trellises,
heaven be.. readily.. steadily..
hell are we.. doing with our time..
huh bitch.. losin all ur minds..
bitch.. i gotta cruise a couple times,
couple spinal tapped fluids got me vibin now im fine..
aiiite... bitch i said aiite..
i aint tryina fight so why you smoking on the kite..
smoking on the site..
got me chokin on the pipe..
i aint tryina lie..
why you fucking with my mind..
bitch.. i gotta do a couple lines
couple spinal tapped fluids got me vibin now im fine..
eh yoo.. im just tryina be aiite..
no one fucking with my style.
so why you fucking with my style?
no one trying to be wild,
so ima sit here for a while,
sit in bed and im confined,
and ima be alright.. right..

know i got a philosophy, dope,
hittin out licks for my hockey team, goal,
you know what it's gotsta be, no..
i dont even know what i out to be tho..
chemical boy with a lot of green,
and you know i get alot of gs..
fuck your hypocrisy, neglegence,
im getting sick of it,
this shit's getting ridiculous
i got a deck to build,
you always sellin shit
you always telling lies,
you always dwell in piss,
you might as well lay in the bottom of abyss,
and you kids need to mind your own business,
no for real i aint lying bout this shit..
the progress we made aint really significant,
they always tryina downplay and you put you detriment,
well i guess..then.....
it wasn't meant to be in the way that we think..


from YKK, released August 28, 2015




Sore Wigg

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