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and i'm honest.. and i'm honest..
and nobody gives a fuck..
merica, free my soul,
here we go, thats whatssup,
there we go throw em up,
i ain't really give a whatt..
rats ass and you a butt,
i ain't fillin up my cup,
someone doin that shit fo em,
while i'm livin on a forum,
for em, who is they,
well i know that they ignoring,,
don't matter if rain is pouring,
our catergory is goyim,
they snorting up in they mansions,
to hell with them while they snoring,

how many times i gotta say this shit huh?

and i'm honest and i'm honest,
and yao i dont know really know,
but i know i got the flow,
and you
but you wont believe, cause you
watching too much tv,

and im and im honest,
and nobody gives a fuck,
and i dont kno whats up,
im just doing what i does,
and you people fucking suck,
when you sucking on my nuts,


from YKK, released August 28, 2015




Sore Wigg

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