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i'm still waiting, for my chance,
it's been a very long time,
been sitting in a very long line,
people all around me staring at me with their mind,
crime happening,
the police don't even really try,
why would i even bother crying,
cryings for the miserable, people,
with no vision or no sight,
seen me in a vision then your mine,
i'm literally fine,
find and you shall seek well,
the sequel,
the sequel is pre will,
don't get it twisted,
from that far, we came this close,
we clearly missed it,
we nearly hit it,
the fairy tale, is very stale,
hail mary frigid,
don't matter if you get burried with it,
or if you eat berries with it,
it's all a scam to begin with,
you dip shits livin in wonderland,
understand this and you just might understand,
but it's too bad, it's too late,
and it's over man..


from YKK, released August 28, 2015




Sore Wigg

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