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prod. by avg Gerald


spit a little kemtrail, flat earth
out the plane watch it go down, barium
watch these goys eat it up, mmm
in the chemicals they gonna drown, what
in the chemicals they gonna drown, what
see these stupid little babies frown, aw,
i'ma turn that shit around, werd
by the way the earth isnt round, naw?
that shit is flat, werd?
flat like a guitar, when it plays,
really hardcore shit that you never heard before,
you better get a lesson, cause you always stressin,
acting like yo never heard of school before, whore,
why you dressed like that, school is of the spirit,
not some desk like that, erone watching what you wearin,
but you not concerned like that, cause you burn like that,
yea you turning in the fire, yea you earned it like that,
yea my cursives like that, when i'm rhymin out my mind,
and i'm sayin what i cant to you, cause you cant be real,
in a situation, that clearly isnt, it's not your fault, hoesntly,
naw, from the bottom of my heart,
the places where its terrible and cold and really dark,
i mean it, we could find an agreement somewhere,
and we can be friends, for pretend,

or maybe only on the weekends, i guess it depends,
on the situation not some fake shit like what you sayin,
always goin supersayin over lameness, i cant take it,


from YKK, released August 28, 2015




Sore Wigg

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