0% Trans Fat

from by Sore Wigg

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yo yo yo, not neccesarily,
here we be, sittin under cherry trees verily,
okay.. not neccesarily,
gimme peace of mind i can clearly see, everything,
we're not thinking bout anything,
far gone, like we're living in a fairy tale,
are we being treated fairly?
like you`re someone? not neccesarily,
ugh, sir your not really scarin me,
only god could put fear in me,
seriously, i don't that think they hearin me,
is it necessary tho?.. not necesarily,

is it obvious yet,?
words are taken out of context,
everyones scared for themselves,
so can it be fixed?(not necesarily,

you want mine, and it`s not neccesary, see,
go get yours, you`re not gettin near to me,
i don`t care for beef, clear the streets,
is it clear to me? appearently,


from YKK, released August 28, 2015




Sore Wigg

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