by Sore Wigg

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recorded summer 2015 and before


released August 28, 2015

sore wigg, $alah, avg Gerald, Brukkie, K-Lid




Sore Wigg

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Track Name: carib33
i'm still waiting, for my chance,
it's been a very long time,
been sitting in a very long line,
people all around me staring at me with their mind,
crime happening,
the police don't even really try,
why would i even bother crying,
cryings for the miserable, people,
with no vision or no sight,
seen me in a vision then your mine,
i'm literally fine,
find and you shall seek well,
the sequel,
the sequel is pre will,
don't get it twisted,
from that far, we came this close,
we clearly missed it,
we nearly hit it,
the fairy tale, is very stale,
hail mary frigid,
don't matter if you get burried with it,
or if you eat berries with it,
it's all a scam to begin with,
you dip shits livin in wonderland,
understand this and you just might understand,
but it's too bad, it's too late,
and it's over man..
Track Name: 0% Trans Fat
yo yo yo, not neccesarily,
here we be, sittin under cherry trees verily,
okay.. not neccesarily,
gimme peace of mind i can clearly see, everything,
we're not thinking bout anything,
far gone, like we're living in a fairy tale,
are we being treated fairly?
like you`re someone? not neccesarily,
ugh, sir your not really scarin me,
only god could put fear in me,
seriously, i don't that think they hearin me,
is it necessary tho?.. not necesarily,

is it obvious yet,?
words are taken out of context,
everyones scared for themselves,
so can it be fixed?(not necesarily,

you want mine, and it`s not neccesary, see,
go get yours, you`re not gettin near to me,
i don`t care for beef, clear the streets,
is it clear to me? appearently,
Track Name: VIP3
im just tryina, be quiet,
catch me, in a real riot,
ain`t nobody, flying higher,
than what`s a above,
what`s above, i don`t know,
ask questions though,
if you stressin though,
better get some medical attention,
not nesseccary, to be
doctors or the clinic,,
sometimes you need to sit,
and observe what be within,
it be with us, we be with it,
n everything is everything,
doesn`t matter how you feel,
when you know what i just mean,

when you know just what i mean,
it should prolly feel the same,
nothing changes cause it`s looped,
and this saturn shit;s deranged,
they believe in saturn, i beleive in god,
they want material, i`m far beyond,
i comprehend, you think i`m lost,
i can`t pretend, that i`m the boss,
so i don`t.. and i don`t even try,
see these goyim eatin lies and i have to cry,
it hard just to be another passerby,
and not pass by and just speak my mind,
Track Name: You Are What You Think You Are Part IX (ft. $alah)
gmo corn in my apple juice,
every verse papoose tryna battle you,
and you ain't gonna get far,
cause they chemtrail the sky give you sars,
ebola virus hoax,
see this shit on my tv is all a joke,
manipulate the mind frame,
make you think what their talking about is right in the first place,
like who said i care?
got some ideals but what they show me is never near,
not even close, distant,
like the sunset, on a flat earth,
never going bankrupt cause i got mad worth,
self worth, so i'm thankful,
there's some people in the world that just can't work,
and it won't work between us, that hurts,

you are what you think you are,
you should prolly do what you think you should,
if ya thinkin good,
if you ain't thinkin' right,
i suggest you go and try to fix that shit tonight,

$alah freestyled his verse
Track Name: BREAD
truth is subjective to your own cause,
you should prolly mourn for your own loss,
lost in the world and you got no flaws,
why everybody tryina show off???
everYbody on some new shit,
can't get with it unless you stupid,
i ain't with it, i'm congruent,
next to it and i ain't movin',
any time soon, but time's runnin' out quickly,
in a monsoon tryina find where my ship be,
save myself my family, that's noahs ark,
rivers rolling so you know the flow is art,
art fundamentals got me mentally unstable,
under tables think it's best for me to lay low with these halos,
thought i'd bring some pesos, angels say no,
how far is money supposed to take you?
Track Name: Let Your Brains Be Washed!
the verses is pertinent, not the verses,
of mine, talking verses of bibles, qurans,
let your mind grow c`mon,
but you stand in the back and mind doesn`t wander,
it walks and it mocks,

let us try to be humble,
the mumbling, fumbling, doesn`t do
nothing but fuckthe truth,
up for you cunt smoking runts,
let me put this shit bluntly,
for you put it in a blunt,

fuck what you want,
what you need is a job to do,
starving in poverty,¸
cannot win the lottery,

dreams to be on BET rap city,
but it`s a wrap shit`s silly b

the brainwashing doesnt stop,
illuminti, cops, cops,
Track Name: Unconsidered
it goes 1. 2. a. b. d, c,
in seventh grade why'd they teach me greek mythology?
what's the relevance, what's the presedence?
you say that shit's true, show me some evidence,
i ain't learning shit from teachers who can't teach themselves,
you think you're good on your own, you really need some help,
i'm not the only one, but i'll admit to it,
that i'm a lonely 1, stinkin little peice of shit,
finding reason within meaningless,
i'm at peace with it, weither or not you agree with it,
prolly care less if you feelin it,
less for me to care about and less for you to deal with,
still waiting for when the machineis fixed,
it keep's eating us, but, we keep feeding it,
it's the same shit, never gonna change bitch,
how was your day? move a long, yep yep, and keep goin.

Rabai magic satanic vision clouds viral ebola murder crowds depopulation the nation

for the rape and plunder gods thunder
Track Name: She'd
first off lemme get this shit str8,
sit straight when i'm shittin in the toilet,
you ain't annointed you annoying,little goyim,
broilers where going see you boiling in the poison,
cause this ain't heaven what we've stepped in,
s'bout time we learned our lesson,
in class we never payed attention,
pay more and you'll level to the seventh,
that's a lie that's a fallacy,
work hard save your family,
but work is hard in this insanity,
when you half asleep, and you can't think,

can't breathe, air quality is crappy,
can't drink, cause the water filled with flouride,
can't stand all these people who can't stand me,
only way to truth is with more lies,
Track Name: Pokémon Shit
this that.. when i ride on my enemies.
empty 3 mp3s out for the trellises,
heaven be.. readily.. steadily..
hell are we.. doing with our time..
huh bitch.. losin all ur minds..
bitch.. i gotta cruise a couple times,
couple spinal tapped fluids got me vibin now im fine..
aiiite... bitch i said aiite..
i aint tryina fight so why you smoking on the kite..
smoking on the site..
got me chokin on the pipe..
i aint tryina lie..
why you fucking with my mind..
bitch.. i gotta do a couple lines
couple spinal tapped fluids got me vibin now im fine..
eh yoo.. im just tryina be aiite..
no one fucking with my style.
so why you fucking with my style?
no one trying to be wild,
so ima sit here for a while,
sit in bed and im confined,
and ima be alright.. right..

know i got a philosophy, dope,
hittin out licks for my hockey team, goal,
you know what it's gotsta be, no..
i dont even know what i out to be tho..
chemical boy with a lot of green,
and you know i get alot of gs..
fuck your hypocrisy, neglegence,
im getting sick of it,
this shit's getting ridiculous
i got a deck to build,
you always sellin shit
you always telling lies,
you always dwell in piss,
you might as well lay in the bottom of abyss,
and you kids need to mind your own business,
no for real i aint lying bout this shit..
the progress we made aint really significant,
they always tryina downplay and you put you detriment,
well i guess..then.....
it wasn't meant to be in the way that we think..
Track Name: cancerSocieties
spit a little kemtrail, flat earth
out the plane watch it go down, barium
watch these goys eat it up, mmm
in the chemicals they gonna drown, what
in the chemicals they gonna drown, what
see these stupid little babies frown, aw,
i'ma turn that shit around, werd
by the way the earth isnt round, naw?
that shit is flat, werd?
flat like a guitar, when it plays,
really hardcore shit that you never heard before,
you better get a lesson, cause you always stressin,
acting like yo never heard of school before, whore,
why you dressed like that, school is of the spirit,
not some desk like that, erone watching what you wearin,
but you not concerned like that, cause you burn like that,
yea you turning in the fire, yea you earned it like that,
yea my cursives like that, when i'm rhymin out my mind,
and i'm sayin what i cant to you, cause you cant be real,
in a situation, that clearly isnt, it's not your fault, hoesntly,
naw, from the bottom of my heart,
the places where its terrible and cold and really dark,
i mean it, we could find an agreement somewhere,
and we can be friends, for pretend,

or maybe only on the weekends, i guess it depends,
on the situation not some fake shit like what you sayin,
always goin supersayin over lameness, i cant take it,
Track Name: RIP BOK
when i screech on the beat.. ay..
bring the heat to the streets,
look for peace not for play
man i do this every day...
that's for peace not for play

look for peace not for play,
look for peace not for play,
you better look for peace and not look for play,
cause one day.. we'll be in the grave..
and rest in peace... and be okay,

look for peace not for play,
look for peace not for play,
look for peace not for play,
look for peace not for play,

rest in peace, be ok,
rest in peace, be ok
rest in peace, rest in peace,
rest in peace, be ok

rest in peace be okay, no more cheats no more games,
threw that shit in the ground 6 feet where i lay,
where i lay where? man i been in the same spot for centuries,
i will never please, cause i got human tendencies,
that's what she said to me.. bitch you just a memory,
you ain't no heavenly, meant to be anything,
Track Name: Honest
and i'm honest.. and i'm honest..
and nobody gives a fuck..
merica, free my soul,
here we go, thats whatssup,
there we go throw em up,
i ain't really give a whatt..
rats ass and you a butt,
i ain't fillin up my cup,
someone doin that shit fo em,
while i'm livin on a forum,
for em, who is they,
well i know that they ignoring,,
don't matter if rain is pouring,
our catergory is goyim,
they snorting up in they mansions,
to hell with them while they snoring,

how many times i gotta say this shit huh?

and i'm honest and i'm honest,
and yao i dont know really know,
but i know i got the flow,
and you
but you wont believe, cause you
watching too much tv,

and im and im honest,
and nobody gives a fuck,
and i dont kno whats up,
im just doing what i does,
and you people fucking suck,
when you sucking on my nuts,
Track Name: GiGGles ft. Brukkie